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St. George Middle School is located in “The Town of Friendly People” and the county seat of Dorchester County.  St. George is a 2.7 square mile area in rural upper Dorchester County that is 76 miles southeast of Columbia, South Carolina and 50 miles northwest of Charleston, South Carolina.  The Town of St. George is located strategically around the intersection of Interstates 26 and Interstate 95.  St. George Middle School is populated by students from the town of St. George and other surrounding communities and towns (Reevesville, Grover, Rosinville, and Harleyville).

There are 320 students enrolled at St. George Middle School in grades six through eight.  Williams Memorial Elementary School and Harleyville Elementary School are the two feeder schools.  Our students in turn feed into Woodland High School.  The commute to St. George Middle School can be from ten minutes to more than an hour for the majority of our students.

St. George Middle School, formerly St. George High School, has three wings that serve as the hub for academic instruction for the three grade levels.  Each wing has its own computer lab.  There are also two functional science labs.  The entire school has wireless Internet capacity. 

St. George Middle School’s administration and faculty/staff is comprised of:   

  • one principal
  • one assistant principal
  • 20 full time teachers
  • one media specialist
  • two computer lab facilitators
  • one guidance counselor
  • one in-school suspension supervisor
  • one receptionist/attendance clerk/registrar
  • one bookkeeper/secretary
  • one full time nurse
  • four custodians
  • one school resource officer
  • four cafeteria workers
  • one mental health counselor
  • one .5 speech pathologist

Throughout the months, our parents come to support their children during the Wolverines in the News (W.I.N.) luncheon, academic programs, and student recognition assemblies.  During the evenings, our parents attend Open House, Family Fun Night (hosted by the 21st Century Learning Center), Math and Science and Technology Night, and PTSA and SIC meetings.

Technology plays a part in serving our students.  Each of our grade levels has a computer lab that is equipped with Study Island.  Lab facilitators download student data and disseminate it to the grade level administrators and teachers, so instruction can be planned.  Our students may check out Accelerated Read books from the media center.  Lexile scores identified by MAP testing scores also aid in the process of selecting book titles on each student’s instructional level.  Computers are also available in the media center for students to access the Internet in order to conduct research.  All of our teachers have a Smartboard in their classroom.  Students are also assigned individual Chromebooks to be used throughout the school day. 

Students’ MAP scores are analyzed during the fall, winter, and the spring of the year.  The fall scores are used for the baseline data; the spring scores measure students’ growth for the year.  Students are placed in either math or reading intervention based on their individualized MAP scores from the fall testing.

Many non-academic variables can affect the academic performance and well being of our students.  We are fortunate to have the 21st Century Learning Center (afterschool site) since 2005.  There are approximately 120 students participating in the tutoring and enrichment activities within the program.